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Thanks for taking time to explore Digital Indigo's Hardware Engineering. If there's anything we can do for you, please contact us.

Digital Indigo Engineering is a small Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA business located in the south-eastern region of the state. We are about three and a half hours from New York City, two hours from Washington DC, and an hour and a half away from Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Our Roots
Digital Indigo was started in 1997 as a Linux-based Internet Service Provider and Web-development company. In fact, our highly reliable Linux and Network service still thrives today at In 2002, because of our knowledge on engineering, we were approached by a large medical hospital in the area to develop hardware for a specialized project. The project was a success, and we injected the revenues from it in purchasing engineering equipment. Before long we had many new capabilities from surface mount tools to CNC machining.

How big is Digital Indigo?
We're still a small business and we know our customer's much better because of that. You can count on someone knowing your account when you call because Mike handles the hardware and Nate takes care of the software. We also don't have the lack of integration that's seen with larger companies. Each team member is fully involved with all aspects of your design, and has a clear understanding of what their co-workers' job tasks are.

Contacting Digital Indigo
Please feel free to contact us at (717) 872-6233. If you'd prefer e-mail or other communication methods, please check out the Contact Us page located on our company website.