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We attempt to answer your common questions about hardware engineering here. If you still have questions, please contact us, and we'll be glad to help you out.

Do You Send My Project Overseas?
We engineer all of our systems in the USA. We do not outsource engineering to foreign companies.

  • We speak American English as our first language and maintain efficient communication with our customers.
  • We won't disclose your intellectual property
  • Errors are mitigated by following strict and precise procedures.
  • We reduce production times by keeping services local.
  • We make the USA a stronger country by infusing money back into the country, rather than exporting it to other parts of the world.
For customers who need a competitive price edge, we do offer the option of manufacturing components in foreign companies. However, all engineering and assembly is still done in the United States. All of our foreign manufacturing must meet our strict requirements on lead-time, quality, and precision.

What Will Digital Indigo's RADDAS Engineering Do For Me?
Digital Indigo will listen to your goals and engineer and integrate a customized hardware system or component(s) to your exact needs. We deliver custom hardware that is engineered specifically for your unique project.

What Scope of Service Does Digital Indigo Offer?
We take care of as much or as little of your entire project as needed.

Do You Engineer Internet of Things (IoT) devices?
Yes! In 1995, RADDAS founder Michael Fiorill created the concept of an IoT vending machine and engineered one of the first IoT devicess on the Internet. The system was featured in peer-reviewed published research journals in 1998. We've been developing IoT for over 25 years!

Why Would I Need a Custom Engineered Hardware Device?

A custom solution is sometimes needed when you're working with the less common I/O devices—sensors and actuators for example. For these projects you may need a specialized hardware device that connects to the actuators and sensors and monitors and controls them accordingly.

What's so great about a custom hardware solution?
Custom engineering (as opposed to using more generic I/O hardware such as data acquisition cards—allows you to pick a specific interface (wireless, USB, and Ethernet to name a few). You also choose the amount of I/O you need for your device; this helps save money and reduces device sizes by eliminating unnecessary components. Finally, with a custom design, you get a truly unique device that was engineered using your goals as the project foundation.

How much will my project cost?
There are many variables that will affect the cost of your custom design. For a list of these variables, we suggest you visit our Design Flow page for a comprehensive description of the custom engineering process.