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Featured Services

Digital Indigo engineers a wide variety of products. Below is a small list of some of the featured services we provide on a regular basis.

Quadrature ( Incremental ) Encoder Measurement
Encoders are used to measure rotation and position. We have absolute encoder and incremental encoder routines in a variety of different applications. For extremely high speed tracking, we have CPLD and FPGA state machines, developed in-house, that can simultaneously track many encoders at extremely high speeds. Output can be parallel, serial, USB, Ethernet, or wireless. We develop systems using optical and magnetic encoder solutions. Our extensive knowledge in encoder measurement lets us develop extremely cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Embedded Linux Development
Digital Indigo has been Linux-based since we opened in 1998. The founders of Digital Indigo had been using Linux since 1995 (almost when it first came out). Almost a decade and a half of Linux experience pays off for our customers. We've progressed with the Linux platform, and have resources to merge source code and hardware development together into seamless, finished product.

Data Buses
We routinely develop for SPI, I2C, RS-232, USB, Ethernet, 1-Wire, and UNI/O buses. But we have a history of development for the older technologies, too. Need an ISA or PC/104 board engineered? We have development solutions for those buses, too!

Surface Mount
We have the tools and capabilities to make your design surface mount (SMT). Using SMT allows us to design systems that are much smaller, and highly reliable. Unless otherwise requested, we almost always develop prototypes using SMT from the very start. Our in-house SMT stations allow us to build and test surface mount technologies, without sending them out for assembly.

Microcontroller Firmware Development
We specialize in development on Microchip's PIC microcontrollers, and Rabbit Semiconductors RabbitCore platforms. Each offers unique capabilities at reasonable prices. Whether you need your output to be wireless, USB, serial, or Ethernet, these micros, paired with our firmware, can offer the performance you need, with the ability to program in-house at a low cost.

Turnkey USB Development
We can develop USB devices specific to your needs, or provide raw turnkey solutions that are easy for you to deploy. We specialize in developing USB solutions using FTDI's lineup (for programmers who want a simple interface to develop on) as well as HID (Human Interface Device) development on the Microchip PIC platform (for HID devices that can communicate with your software without the need for driver installation)! That's what we call true Plug-N-Play.

Programmable Logic
We offer extensive FPGA and CPLD solutions. We can create robust state machines that allow us to do amazing feats—no microcontroller or microprocessor is needed. For even more power, we can couple our programmable logic to our Embedded Linux or microcontroller solutions for a system whose components have a tremendous processing capabilities in a very small space.